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  1. Peter

    Well looks like this nab got scammed how stupid he is
  2. today one of my best friends and my brother left the game, i want to tell you that i rly loved you like a brother and i still love you and i'll never forget you bro <3

    cya waifu

    i will not say good bye because we will stay on contact love you bro.


  3. Nume si rank: Arms, Rank 4 Echipa: SWAT Data invorii: 14.01.2018 Motivul invorii: I have work so i can't be online Alte precizari: - Thanks for your time
  4. Peter wanker <3

  5. Nick: .Peter Level: 60 Rank: Sergeant (3) Your doubt/s: If a level 20+ create/sell guns near a department member how many hours can i confiscate his materials licenses ? Other specifications: Thanks for ur time.
  6. Name: .Peter Rank: 3 I want in team: SWAT The reason: I want to try a new experience. Onother specifications: Thank You.
  7. Nume si rank: .Peter | Rank 3 Echipa: Roads Data invorii: 26.11.2017 Motivul invorii: I have a important appointment tomorrow so i can't attend the meeting. Alte precizari: In any case there is changes in my plans i will attend. Thanks
  8. Name: .Peter Rank: 3 I want in team: SWAT The reason: I want to try a new experience. Onother specifications: Thanks You.
  9. Peter

    Nume: .Peter Rang : 2 Dovada la /fdeposit sau /accept ticket: https://imgur.com/a/96Pc2 Link catre reclamatie(daca exista): https://www.rpg.b-zone.ro/factions/report/39717
  10. Nick: .Peter Level: 56 Rank: Detective (2) Your doubt/s: 1: If a civil uses his cars and hits on my car 5-10 times what should i do ? 2: If a civil /q or crash during pursuit and he/she gets w2 can i still give them ticket and confiscate when they come back online ? Other specifications: Thanks for ur time.
  11. Peter

  12. Peter

    Its not working anymore even the new Samp version 0.3.7-R2 is not working on cleo mods.

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