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  1. Nickname: South. Meeting / Activity: Activitie. Date and hour: 18/08/2019 - 19:00 Statistics (Present / Absent members) : The activity was set optional due to an orginazation failure Winner/s name/s, Prizes that they have received: Zefrika ( 266.000$) - Dario ( 133.000$ ) - Miss.Teddy - ( 50.000$ )(bonuse) Other mentions: Thanks for participating!
  2. Nick:e46 Rank:1 Ma învoiesc la: sedinta / Antrenament / War:war Data in care se tine activitatea:13:08:2019 Motiv:power down Numarul de invoiri din aceasta saptamana:1 Alte precizari: Nu.
  3. South South

  4. South South

  5. South South

    Nick: E46 Rank: 1 Platesc amenda conform evidentei din data: 05/08/2019 Sumă: $50.000 Motiv: - la war ScreenShot:https://imgur.com/a/mHphCKL Alte precizări: @B R A Y thats for 9 more wars because im lazy to post in forum please make sure not to mention me again (in war eviden (paid in advance ) ))
  6. South South

    sunt deja
  7. South South

  8. South South

    Nick: E46 Rank:1 Platesc amenda conform evidentei din data: 02.08.2019 Sumă: 5000$ Motiv: -war. ScreenShot:https://imgur.com/a/fLbhq5m Alte precizări: -
  9. South South

  10. South South

    its not funny dow
  11. South South

    mehh niceee
  12. South South


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