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  1. TylenoL

    @TiG3R Just heard the news im happy and sad. Happy for you because u deserve admin 4 and u have been a great leader i want to congratulate you. Im sad that ur name wont be in my FH anymore ur the best u showed alot of support and helped make right decision we will miss u NG will miss you. #respect
  2. TylenoL

    Nick:E46 Rank:1 Reason:left home (wasn't planned) Date of wars:20/05/2019 Total number of pass requests:1/2
  3. TylenoL

    Salut cf
  4. Nickname: Tylenol Rank: 2 Consent for (Training/Activity): Activity The activity date: 19/05/2019 Consent number (x/y): 2/2 Reason: i dont have time at 15 to be online, i have other obligations!  Other specifications: i promise i will be online for more activites in future!
  5. Name:Tylenol Rank:2 Link: Other spe:nope
  6. TylenoL

    Cool cant wait for next season
  7. TylenoL

  8. Nick: TyLenol Rank: 2 Ma invoiesc la (Antrenament/Activitate): Antrenament Data activitatii pentru care vrei să te învoiești: 12.05.2019 Numar invoiri(x/y): 1/2 Motivul: Thought i could make it but nope i have other stuff to do! Alte precizări: -
  9. Nick: Tylenol Rank: 2 Ma invoiesc la (Antrenament/Activitate): Activitate Data activitatii pentru care vrei să te învoiești: 21.04.2019 Numar invoiri(x/y): 1/2 Motivul: Power is down due to a construction accident in the neighbourhood. Alte precizări: sorry for posting late
  10. TylenoL

    In the Meeting @TiG3R asked the new members about their opinion of NG i will answer you with a PIC!! Glad to be Part of this Awsome Faction with such awsome members leaded by an awsome leader and awsome subleaders! and i regret that i wasted alot of time in other faction and left this awsome place! happy to finnaly be here
  11. @TL AleXe22 Congratulations for the new promotion best of luck in the future. Congratulations to @GigGs11 Legend too for making the best decisions to keep LSPD in the front lines. I'm comming back on monday and im excited to see the changes.
  12. TylenoL

    Name:Tylenol Rank: 4 Answer: Yes Reason: 11:00 am sunday Other specifications.
  13. TylenoL

    Name:Tylenol Rank:5 Answer:YES. Reason:Its Better and more comfortable. Other specifications: .

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