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  1. Daniel BAHAOS

  2. Daniel BAHAOS

    Ba io nu mai înțeleg vremea asta, înainte sa moara Mickael Jackson vara era cald mereu și uneori o ploicica, acum ploua 2 zile de rupe și face inundații și a 3 a zi sunt 35 de grade, ce sa mai înțelegi din asta 😶
  3. Daniel BAHAOS

    Bună seara prieteniiiii
  4. Daniel BAHAOS

    @Chen scoală grătarul că aduc eu micii și @A n n e berea
  5. Daniel BAHAOS

    da io nu beau, nu pune câinele pe mine că vin cu pisica mea si ti-l bate
  6. Daniel BAHAOS

    unde mergem când plecăm din cluburi tari? la lăutarii , unde cântă lăutariiiiiiiiiii
  7. Daniel BAHAOS

    suarele e gri si afară plouă neincetat, iar eu mă duc pe samp pa
  8. Daniel BAHAOS

    bună ziua lumeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  9. Daniel BAHAOS

    ba dc nu durmiti
  10. Daniel BAHAOS

    Nume: Daniel.Bahaos Rank: 7 Motivul amendarii: absent 1/2 war Dovada: https://imgur.com/U04FXdw Alte precizari: sper să le fac data viitoare
  11. First of all i need to tell u guyz! that i m an english player and recently i reported a player of lssi on website and i forgot i wasnt allowed to that on website! for that i will receive FW but thats ok! but the main prblem is that i posted the proof with only one screenshot uploaded> https://www.rpg3.b-zone.ro/factions/report/32853 whereas other screenshots were still uploading att that time!Secondly t=i need to tell u that these are the correct screenshots in which u can see that how this player adrian is abusing other players!including me myslef and Sahil_Dunk and other on /sx moreover he persoanally said this to me! *** my *** now what else do u think i must have done other than not reporting this player u  can see all screenshots here>   https://imgur.com/a/VOtOdT9   and when i Pm his  leader  perosnally on forum so he his  (ashell) keep on deleting my status on forum so that there could not be any evidence left! in those post i tagged @Daniel BAHAOS @Rustom@Bobo and @Kelton now i need to ask all  four of u that who is wrong and who is right? moreover when i came in the a game so this guy (the lssi leader) ashell again tried to save his frnd Adrian legend by messaging me to not to pm him on forum and when i asked him that where else i can pm him instead? so he ignored my messages even he was online and didnt replied see>

    which means he knows that he is lying to me! but god is with me and truth always win! and in the last i need to mention that @Bobo i didnt thought that english players will be cornered on this server one day! i felt so heart wrenched today! its been been 6-7 yrs i m playing on bzone but today i got very sad! as  two romanian players suceeded in fooing a innocent english player! and noone is taking any action against them ! srsly today i m very unhappY.:( :( that roman people are lying for personal favours and interests and to help their friends in wrong deeds!  it seems like there is no respect for english player left on this server..Bobo plz help me i m innocent! i need justice!.Thanks!

    P.S i directly tagged u bobo daniel and kelton bcuz ashell the lssi leader and AdrianLegend's friend was continuously dleting my post. so what else i could have done so i tagged u people! plz forgive me if i did smthng wrong! :(

    1. meerhassan


      look i pmed  him 2 or 3times and each time he dleted it to save himself :( i m hopeless none is helping me even if i am right and he is wrong bobo daniel rustom plz guyz! u need to decide who is wrong and who is right!   u can clrly see that he messaged me in-game to not post on forum bcuz he knew i was right and he was still trying to save his culprit friend Adrianlegend  https://imgur.com/yUMAKc8


    2. Daniel BAHAOS

      Daniel BAHAOS


      You have to send him a private message not post on his profile, ill make a PM with you and him and put the evidence there.

    3. meerhassan


      ok daniel but give me the link of that pm ok?

  12. Daniel BAHAOS

    Aplicațiile pentru Mayor sunt acum închise. Jucătorii ce vor fii pe listă sunt următorii: Markovnikov .Richard Jucători respinși: Craym - Retras Delliks - Comportament
  13. Daniel BAHAOS

    @A n n e bn și io vreau să ti-o frec, mă plictiiiiiiiiiii
  14. Daniel BAHAOS

    @A n n e bună siara c * * . . . . cf
  15. Daniel BAHAOS

    Aplicațiile pentru Mayor , luna Iunie sunt acum deschise, succes tuturor. Câteva criterii: * Să nu fi avut banuri / sancțiuni recente. * Un comportament decent. * Să aveți o activitate ok. * Să aveți o vechime pe server. * Levelul minim al Primarului este: Level 15. * Pentru a candida trebuie să fiți Civil și fără Faction Punish. * Să respectați modelul de aplicare.  Note: Ne rezervăm dreptul de a alege persoane capabile pentru acest grad chiar dacă îndepliniți cerințele de mai sus. Motivele pentru care veți fi respinși se vor regăsi aici, nu trimiteți pm pentru mai multe explicații deoarece nu le veți avea.

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