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  1. Nickname: Memazi Invoirea cu numarul: 1 Rank: 4 Motivul absentei: Nu sunt acasa Data sedintei / activitati : 14.08.2020 14:30 Alte precizari: Preventiv.
  2. Nickname: Memazi Invoirea cu numarul: 1 Rank: 3 Motivul absentei: I have exams and I don't know if I can attend Data sedintei / activitati :05.08.2020 ora 14:30 Alte precizari: just to be sure! thank you
  3. Nero Son of Sparda

    I laughed so hard at this =))))))))))) the top one also applies for departments
  4. Nero Son of Sparda

    Nickname: Memazi Rank: 3 Voted color: 079
  5. Name: neRoRank: Lieutenant (4)Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/0WLDR7UOther mentions: Maeve is my step brother and he does bad things to me in the bedroom
  6. Name and rank: Lieutenant neRo (4) Team: Special Weapons And Tactics Date: 02.08.2020 Consent number (x/y): 1/1 Reason: I have a lot to study. Other mentions: Just to be safe!
  7. Nero Son of Sparda

    Nue: neRo De la ce vine numele tău?: from a game called Devil May Cry
  8. Name: neRoRank: Lieutenant (4)Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/tEB6fiCOther mentions: Chevy pupincurist care milmoie, your proof is invalid
  9. Nero Son of Sparda

    @MorarDavid Daaamn u look super cool bro You can't see me :]
  10. Nero Son of Sparda

    @MorarDavid broo your profile pic is really you ?
  11. Nero Son of Sparda

    @South aRsenie that's because of the FW training we had, 13 FW in one training everyone got scared to death and now everyone posts preventive invoices
  12. Nero Son of Sparda

    @South aRsenie Da baa, mi-aș dori să fi avut mai multe
  13. Nume si rank: Lieutenant neRo.DELIR (4) Echipa: S.W.A.T Data invorii: 19.07.2020 Numar invoire (x/y): 1/1 (Previous consent is not taken into consideration because I was present) Motivul invorii: I have a lot of studying to do! Alte precizari: just to be safe! thank you.
  14. Name: neRo.DELIRRank: Lieutenant (4)Evidence: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/ie6il40hz4lxi/lideriiOther mentions: well I figured this mission is impossible because the leaders of TTB and 69PM are hardly ever online, so I have the next best thing, I hope it counts
  15. Nero Son of Sparda

    Welcome to our gang! if you really wanna be a part of us change name to Dann.DELIR

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