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Victory oRoxii

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    I don't forget and I don't forgive!
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    Hunedoara, Brad.
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    -Computer architecture.
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  1. mi se rupe M3n, doar eu si Ryz mai facem activity p'aci?
  2. sh destheapta sh data drecu, e kv :> gg m3n
  3. ieu a-m loat 7.00 la rhomanha shy 7.90 la ystorye intra11-a fhara sha anvatz
  4. iau bakul sh far-a s-a anvatz m3n
  5. Nu am facut logo-uri de plictiseala
  6. sau sau ramanem cu asta? :
  7. Nickname: oRoxii[SULTANA] Serverul pe care joc: RPG1 Nivel: 63 Poza cu creatia: Alte precizari: -
  8. Yeah, but some newbies are not so "nabs"
  9. Sooo saaaaad... well, SFSI needs serious members. Like I care. I wanted to leave the game, but instead of watching the walls, I prefered to come back in game.
  10. Sooo cuteee <3 Ya, oNobii needs her Nabsa
  11. I saw the part with the wife very cute
  12. You thought very fast. Nice app on rpg
  13. Ahm... din forumul asta? sau forum nou?
  14. Nick name: oRoxii[SULTANA] Rank: Under Boss (6) Date and time: 08.10.2017 ~13:00 Members that were present: Khalsa[SULTAN], Sadec, Gabiionita Name of target: vladik Number of BlackList warnings of that player: 1 How many times you killed the target: 5/6 Evidence: PM Anything to add?: Paid the BL!
  15. I wanted to ask you to join Come Well... no one gave anymore money for uV, so... it was better to die.