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Hello guys, i have problem.I installed sound mods for gta sa, but it doesnt work, i have all the modloader cleo ant etc. 

any ways of fixing the problem?

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Hi, I recommend the sound modes displayed on the B-Zone forum in the modes section


Description of the mod:

-Modify the sounds of the weapons.


Installation mode:
- Copy the files "FEET", "GENRL", "PAIN_A" to the folder main folder -> AUDIO - > SFX FOLDER
- Copy the files from the archive that is located in the folder "CONFIG" in the folder FOLDER MAIN -> AUDIO - > CONFIG.


Required files:

- No additional files are required.


Other information:
- The sound on the Sniper is the same as on the Rifle.
- The sounds are identical for all shotguns.


I also recommend you to be careful with what ways you download and have 2FA  activated on your account because we are in a period when people want to do harm by breaking accounts


Have a good day!

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Hi! Go to your folder where you have the GTA installed, and take the new file "GENRL" to Audio -> SFX and paste it there and it should work, other problems can't appear it's simple and I don't think you need modloader or something and be careful from where you get the mods, good luck.

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