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Recrutăm designeri grafici. Aplicați aici


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  1. Nickname: Professor.ZeD Rank: 3 Consent for (Training/Activity): Activity The activity date: 20/06/2021 Consent number (x/y): 1/1 Reason: i have exams Other specifications: -
  2. • Nick: Lil.Kayn • Rank: 5 • What can you not attend this week?: Meeting / Activity activity • Date of meeting / activity (DD/MM/YYYY): 20/06/2021 • Reason: i have exams • Anything else?: -
  3. Canceled i can come to the Training Today
  4. Nickname: Professor.ZeD Rank: 2 Consent for (Training/Activity): Training The activity date: 06/06/2021 Consent number (x/y): 1/1 Reason: im working Other specifications: Good luck
  5. AIM Lil.Kayn

    Happy Children's Day ♥
  6. AIM Lil.Kayn

    Ooo Gg @Seecron ♥ ♥
  7. AIM Lil.Kayn

    Good luck SFSI ♥
  8. AIM Lil.Kayn

    Yo Congratulations @Mohab "Donator"
  9. AIM Lil.Kayn

    Don't worry May is my favorite Month everything is perfect
  10. AIM Lil.Kayn

    Feels Great today! Thank you for asking Horia
  11. AIM Lil.Kayn

    Waiting for the match of la liga (Spain) Real Madrid Vs Atl Bilbao
  12. AIM Lil.Kayn

    Yo BASTARDO just waiting for B-Olympics start
  13. AIM Lil.Kayn

    Nice one!

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