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  1. Nick: Carn Rank: 2 Data la care nu poti veni: 16.01.2020 Doresc sa ma invoiesc la (war/antrenament/sedinta/activitate): War Lipsesc din motivul: Will be stuck at job  Numarul de învoiri din aceasta saptamana (x/2): 2/2 Alte precizari: thanks
  2. Best clan that ever existed. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AT DarkNight

      AT DarkNight

      All the good players from RW left RPG2 when RPG4 opened, but heyho :)

    3. HQ Serban

      HQ Serban

      Ohh, 2014, Crazy By Nature(CBN), Rogue Warriors, these clans Were just dreams, i knoW some players since then, Carn(you :)) ), BestiaL, Torrino, JustRed, Anonymous, MrOviidiu

    4. Carn


      @D4rk i know right

      @AT DarkNight Not all, just a few.

  3. Nick : Carn Rank : 2 Motivul invoirii: Will be out with friends Data warului 13/01/2019 Numarul de invoiri din aceasta saptamana:1/2 Alte precizari : Thanks
    1. S e b i

      S e b i


    2. AT DarkNight

      AT DarkNight

      Aflam lucruri noi :))

  4. Nick : [NC]Carn Rank : 2 Motivul invoirii: FAMILY EMERGENCY Data warului 10/01/2019 Numarul de invoiri din aceasta saptamana:2/2 Alte precizari : Family emergency, understand please.
  5. Nick : [NC]Carn Rank : 2 Motivul invoirii: I've to go out with family Data warului : 9.01.2020 Numarul de invoiri din aceasta saptamana: prima Alte precizari :
  6. Any UFC fans here?

  7. What the heck bro! 😂@cowS



  8. This has to be the gay-est thing i've seen this decade.



  9. What the fuck mate? 18 accounts? Is this your admin? This guy is literally 5% of the players online. This is just one guy, how many others are there?



    1. A Z A I N

      A Z A I N

      It's not forbidden to do that!

  10. Carn

    Hello everyone! It's good to be here. I plan on being here for a long time. VAMOS!
  11. nab

    1. Carn


      what's up bitch? :X

    2. South Max

      South Max

      i'm fine, uh? ❤️ 


  12. I love Christmas Eve.

  13. It's been two days and my application hasn't received a response. Back in 2014-15 it took 2 hours for leaders to respond to applications.

    1. eB Zeldris

      eB Zeldris

      Well, it's a busy period, the Christmas is near so they might be helping their families with preparation. 

    2. CBN D a n i BD

      CBN D a n i BD

      Old times bro... 

    3. South Max

      South Max

      ooooooooooooolddddddd tiiiiiiiimeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss, brooo!


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