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  1. Carn

    Nick: Carn. Rank: 2 Data si ora:28.01.2022 21:00-22-00 Nr. de invoiri (x/2) :1/2 Motiv: laptop not working
  2. Gonna be 9 years on b-zone soon..... wtf

    1. Armaan


      Bhai apna legend hai?

    2. CBN D a n i BXD

      CBN D a n i BXD

      Pune numele CBN Carn:*

    3. Carn


      @Armaan haha nahi bhai

      @CBN D a n i BXD yes bro

  3. Hello! Back in RDT after 8 years.
  4. I've never been so alone at the current moment in my life. Wish someone would get me out of this shit.

    1. Ocaust


      mai dai tepe?

    2. NiM


      @Ocaust asta ii tepar de mic copil

  5. So no one uses forum now? Website upgrades killed the forums sighh

    1. dabro.pdf



      Still, think about the white forum theme, which is even worse than that

      You can’t see a thing because of white-font-topics

      How’re you doing, Cârnat?

    2. Carn


      I didn't understand a word of the first three lines. But i'm doing good bro through these tough times. Hope you are doing well as well.

    3. NiM


      haha lai injurat de 3 ori intrun singur cuvant @dabro.pdf

  6. What's up B-Zone?

  7. Why is the website not working

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Carn


      @Ocaust how are you bitch

    3. Ocaust


      i am beating my carnat on your mouth, you?

    4. Carn


      Turn on the lights bro thats not me sksksk

  8. Nick: [NC]Carn Rank: 2 Data la care nu poti veni: 21.01.2020 Doresc sa ma invoiesc la (war/antrenament/sedinta/activitate): War Lipsesc din motivul: Will be late from work and would like to sleep. I haven’t slept in days.  Numarul de învoiri din aceasta saptamana (x/2): 1/2 Alte precizari: Thanks
  9. Nick: Carn Rank: 2 Data la care nu poti veni: 16.01.2020 Doresc sa ma invoiesc la (war/antrenament/sedinta/activitate): War Lipsesc din motivul: Will be stuck at job  Numarul de învoiri din aceasta saptamana (x/2): 2/2 Alte precizari: thanks
  10. Best clan that ever existed. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.



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    2. Dark Night

      Dark Night

      All the good players from RW left RPG2 when RPG4 opened, but heyho :)

    3. SolDaT.


      Ohh, 2014, Crazy By Nature(CBN), Rogue Warriors, these clans Were just dreams, i knoW some players since then, Carn(you :)) ), BestiaL, Torrino, JustRed, Anonymous, MrOviidiu

    4. Carn


      @D4rk i know right

      @AT DarkNight Not all, just a few.

  11. Nick : Carn Rank : 2 Motivul invoirii: Will be out with friends Data warului 13/01/2019 Numarul de invoiri din aceasta saptamana:1/2 Alte precizari : Thanks
    1. TLG Sebi

      TLG Sebi


    2. Dark Night

      Dark Night

      Aflam lucruri noi :))

  12. Nick : [NC]Carn Rank : 2 Motivul invoirii: FAMILY EMERGENCY Data warului 10/01/2019 Numarul de invoiri din aceasta saptamana:2/2 Alte precizari : Family emergency, understand please.
  13. Nick : [NC]Carn Rank : 2 Motivul invoirii: I've to go out with family Data warului : 9.01.2020 Numarul de invoiri din aceasta saptamana: prima Alte precizari :
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