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Au început evenimentele de iarnă. Detalii aici


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  1. What's up guys?

    1. SejwaL


      Kaha hai tu

  2. Playing SAMP in big 2018. ROFL.

    1. zKemonks1


      hey ccarn hello how are you bro

  3. Carn

    Won't tolerate insults here.
  4. Carn

    What? Good job azain!!
  5. Carn

    Are you trying to increase the number of posts you've?
  6. Carn

    Credit Card How do you survive without KFC?
  7. Its 2018 and people still play SAMP.

  8. Carn

    I'm good, what bout you?
  9. Carn

    Dammm bro!! Forgive Austin, he is just a noob.
  10. Carn

    This happens alot, someone might get punished for something others got away with previously. It's not Kelton's fault as he has to make alot of decisions but again, he is the one who decides whether it is "abuse" or not. Just move on, its a shitty game anyways, wish someone had told me this back in 2014/15.
  11. Carn

    Yea, just like you and everyone else. Happy new year Yea, samp is a dead game anyways.
  12. Carn

    Totally agree with you but i've given up on the idea of closing this topic, majority wins in the end. Anyways, happy new year guys! Hope you guys have a great year, cheers!
  13. Carn

    Nowhere Jhat is, lmao
  14. Carn

    I'm fine, whats up? Chora jat ka? Vulgar.

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