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  1. 18.10.2018 - Assistant Chief Paramedic (6). Multumesc, Denis! https://imgur.com/a/5lTz7BD

    1. Mafie


      Bf mare nab

    2. Speedy ZEW

      Speedy ZEW

      Felicitări, frumosule ❤️ 

  2. Marius

    Topic Closed.
  3. Marius

    Topic Closed.
  4. Marius

    Topic Closed.
  5. Marius

    Topic Closed.
  6. Marius

    Cam slăbut, se putea și mai bine...
  7. Marius

    Topic Closed.
  8. Marius

    Topic Closed.
  9. Marius

    @rTn Dyablox VIP, Felicitări!
  10. Marius

    Topic Closed.
  11. Marius

    Topic Closed.
  12. Marius

    Un meme destul de prost, no ofense. Astea chiar sunt glume doar de sampisti
  13. Marius

    Topic Closed, nu prinde și în plus e un meme foarte prost. No ofense.
  14. Marius

    Topic Closed. Topic Closed.

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