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In the past month there have been rumors regarding a possible fusion of the B-Zone servers. We wanted to give our rumors because this is certainly the quickest way the news spreads and each player has time to think about this topic.


Having in mind the low player count of RPG3 and RPG4, especially, we are confined to do something about it. The fusion has been the last option we have been avoiding even since last year. We wanted as much as possible to postpone it, but to no avail. It is time do fuse!

We want this fusion to be done as best as possible, so we need your help to find the best possible solutions to the problems that occur. This topic is intended for an open discussion to give out the best solutions. Even if I've recorded an episode with Bobo about all the details about the fusion the way we thought about them, we felt it is best to ask you what you want and decide together. We want you to show understanding, compassion, good will; certainly things will not remain the same, we are aware of this. Still, we are a community and this means we can get through it together for better and worse.


Below we have written the reasons for the fusion, advantages and a few solutions for the problems that might exist. If you see other problems or solutions please leave a reply as descriptive and as civil as possible. Based on your suggestions we will make polls to vote for the best solutions.



Even since last summer we have received such a suggestion from players and we have been internally discussing it if we should do it or not for the B-Zone community. At that time we have decided to try and grow the number of players by making updates on the servers, trying to offer players interesting things to do, making their work easier and so on. We have made major updates like the automated report system and the new clans system, medium updates like implementing the concept of the Marathon, the poker system, a new type of Quest as well as smaller but helpful updates.


These things were insufficient to exponentially grow the number of players on all 4 servers we currently have. So we have reached the following conclusions:


- the game itself is not as popular as it used to be in previous years to new players, to players that start to play this game are fewer and fewer.

- older players have grown up and are slowly starting to focus more on their personal lives than on games.

- there are way too many Romanian sa-mp communities with servers as regards to the active player base; for this reasons players scatter on multiple servers and none of them manage to keep themselves full.

- since there are few players on some servers boredom settles in because you can't interact with others, you can't be in a real competition, you can't truly have fun.

- also because of the low number of players there are problems with filling faction slots since there are too many factions, leaders need to lower their standards and simplify everything, thus the game becomes boring and lacks competition.

- there are problems to completing activity reports because faction members don't have enough players to do their reports, leaders being obligated to constantly lower reports which then results in a very week activity in factions.

- we could continue with a long list of reasons for the problems that happen when the player count is low enough.


Multiplayer games have always been meant to be played with several people. Sa-Mp itself is based on an ecosystem formed of hundreds of players. If the player count is low then there are a lot of problems and you eventually get bored. Practically on a server with few players you can't truly interact and you almost don't even want to join the server because of this, as opposed to a server full of active players where you know you have something to do.


So at this point in time the best thing for the servers, for the community as well as for you players is to take this step and fuse the servers.




For the average player the main advantage should be clear enough: if there are more players, you automatically have more things to do in the game.

Here is a list with some of the advantages:

- more players on the same server overall, so more players you can interact with and have fun.

- filling up factions grows competition in them.

- growth of the administrative staff, which leads to a faster solving of player problems.

- the possibility of more efficiently doing your activity report.

- payers will benefit faster from services provided by some factions.

- better staff management, it is easier to take care of 2 servers than 4.

- growing activity and standards as a whole.


The list could go on. Older players that have played when there were 1000 players on a single server know the difference and the mood you have when seeing that you can play with that many people.




At this time we did not take a final decision, but we know that we want to remain with 2 servers instead of 4.

We will make a poll about this and find out your opinions.


So the options would be:
RPG1 with RPG3

RPG2 with RPG4


- basically we would join the oldest of the servers with the higher player count and lower player count.


RPG1 with RPG4

RPG2 with RPG3


- here there are two reasons:
1. We would join the server with most online players with the one with the fewest online players and the other servers with medium players between them. So we would be trying to establish somewhat of a balance between them.

2. Many players that joined RPG3 are former players of RPG2 and might still have friends that player there.




There are a lot of technical issues that exist when joining two servers.

Below you have a list of the most problematic things we have discovered and possible solutions for them. Keep in mind that the solutions are not yet final and changes might take place or there might be other problems we didn't think about yet (if you know about other problems leave a reply in this topic). If you have fully read the topic up until now you already know that we are trying to find the best solutions. This means that we will discuss or make polls regarding some decisions.




In order to become a staff member, especially a higher ranked one, a player needs to work a lot to firstly prove they deserve a chance to be part of the staff (this is somewhat the easy part), and then prove they deserve to stay there (this is the more difficult part). Those of you who never had a function in our staff might think it is no big deal. You spend all day flying and ban players that annoy you, right? In reality things are very different. To become a Helper you first need to have a good history of the account and prove you can rise to the standards of being a staff member. After you finally manage to get accepted you have to work constantly, so you must be active in game, you need to complete an activity report, you need to show decent behavior, you need to work as a team, you need to adapt to the changes that take place. After that, after managing to be active for severals months, doing your job, proving you deserve to get promoted, you finally manage to become an Admin. I am speaking in general terms. Obviously there are certain exceptions where some players are hiperactive, we need new admins and they get promoted sooner.


For admins things are more complicated. You basically need to know all of the community rules. You have to constantly make correct and objective decisions. You need to learn to analyze the hundreds of types of proofs there exist for all things that can happen on the server. You need to complete an activity report good enough to stay in the staff. An admin needs to be continuously active for several months before he can reach a higher level. So if you thought everything was easy peasy then you might think again from now on. Everything seems easier from the outside.


These being said, we have great respect for the people on our staff that have worked to get to where they are now and we don't want their work to be treated with indifference. For this reason we want all helpers and admins to keep their functions and get transferred with them on the new server.


Maybe the staff will seem large on a fused server but in time things tend to balance out. The good part is that players will receive quicker help from the staff since it is bigger




For leaders unfortunately things get complicated. The current system we are all used to is formed of a single leader per faction.

We are trying to find the best solutions so that there are fewer players unhappy


1. We keep two leaders until one of them resigns, then we will get back in a normal fashion when there is only one leader left.

This is a solution that might work and it depends very much on how well the two leaders would get along.


2. The oldest leaders in the faction (including as a member) and with the highest activity get to keep the function and the other one remains with rank 5 in the faction.

This would be the most logical solution if we decide to keep a single leader per faction.


3. The leaders from the main servers (the ones with more players) keep their function and the others receive rank 5 in the faction.


If you have other solutions leave a reply.




We think that the most efficient approach is for everyone to get transferred in the same faction, with the same FH, punishments, etc. We will also be adding an option to be able to leave the faction without FP if for some reason players decide so.


For subleaders things again are not final and depends on how we decide to keep leaders. So here are our options:


1. If there are two leaders each of them will choose one subleader of the 4, so a total of 2 subleaders.


2. If there is one leader then the subleaders of that leader will keep their function.




Unfortunately we have no option and tell you that some players will be left without a house or biz..

The solution we have thought about is to evaluate the prices of houses and businesses from the smaller servers (because the economy is lower there because of the fewer player count) and refund the value of the property.



If you have other suggestions leave a reply. No matter how we do it there will be players unhappy. We expect common sense and cooperation from you to find the middle ground and be as we unhappy players as possible. You need to understand that there cannot be two owners for a house or biz and someone needs to get refunded for the lost property. Don't try to abuse and obtain much more than the property is actually worth and keep in mind that properties lose value when the player count is low.




If there is no other clan with the same tag then there is no problem. The clan gets transferred as it is: tag, name, level, etc.

If there is a clan with the same tag then we have the following solutions:


1. The oldest and biggest clan will get to keep the tag, the other one will receive a Free Name Change to change the name and tag.

This would be the most logical approach.


2. The clan from the main server keeps the tag, the one from the secondary server changes the name/tag for free.


3. The option to cashback the equivalent of the available days left for the clan.


Clan turfs will be reset to offer equal chances to everyone.

Clans HQ might be added if there are too many clans that can get HQs.




Accounts will get transferred with all important data: level, money, hours played, rp-s, all points, etc.

We will not transfer unimportant data such as website notifications, friends, ignore list, event blacklist, faction blacklist, faction followers.


If there is no account registered with the same name, then the player that gets transferred gets to keep the same name.

If there is an account registered with the same name, then the player that gets transferred will get to freely choose a new nickname.


To free up some names we will delete all level 1-5 accounts inactive for at least half a year.




All important punishments will be kept. We will only delete IP bans and kick logs.




For a month after we have fused there will be a 75% discount for unban options. Players that intend to start playing again on the server will have to buy unban to prove that they truly want to play and not continue to cause problems. If we freely unban everyone then we will have more problems with cheaters, players that to illegal business and so on.




Because there will be a lot of new gang members in the fused servers we will reset the turfs to offer equal chances to everyone and also give reasons for them to be active.




We do not have a fixed date because things might change depending on technical problems that might take place. We will see if we manage to do it at the end of this month or the beginning of August. We don't want to rush because we want to make the best job possible.


We will let you know one week ahead of making the fusion.


This should be all info at this time. We will keep discussing, reading opinions, making polls and finding final solutions.


We will try and make a FAQ topic for questions you have that were not written in here already, so that everyone knows what is happening.


I believe I have repeated over and over again, but I will say it once more. If you have questions or suggestions leave a reply here. Thank you!




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Consider ca aceasta fuziune e o mare prostie, dacă veți face acest lucru jucătorii se vor supăra și vor părăsi comunitatea, vor fii mai putini jucatori decât acum, vor rămâne doar copiii de 12 ani și jocul nu ar mai avea sens, consider o mare prostie aceasta fuziune.

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o sa mai pierdeti si aici multi jucatori dar din pacate nu aveti incotro...

o idee fiind toti de aceasta fuziune daca tot rpg 1 cu rpg 3 si rpg 2 cu rpg 4 poate ar fi o idee gen sa putem alege cumva, eu personal am plecat dupa rpg 2 pe 3 si inca am ceva prieteni acolo si un cont secundar cu ceva bunuri as putea sa aleg sa mi transfer tot contul dupa rpg 3 pe 2 in locul acelui cont secundar.

ar fi o idee in loc sa fim obligati sa jucam acolo unde se va face fuziunea putem alege ce am avea de pierdut? nimic, doar un jucator in plus

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La lideri cel mai ok e să rămână 2 o perioadă. Chiar dacă îs 2 și unul poate nu are aceeași vechime ca celălalt, a muncit să ajungă unde este și munca lui nu ar fi suficient răsplătită dacă ar rămâne rank 5 odată ce a opținut funcția.

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Salut, eu  joc pe rpg3, daca am 12/13 masini si 7skins la 7.7kk, mi se vor transfera pe noul server? La masini as vrea sa fie cu acelas numar de kilometri, cu aceleas hidd-uri, sau sa fiu despacubit cu $ de pe masini cu gold pentru cate sloturi am cumparat din [/shop] adica cu gold pentru 8 car slot si goldul de pe hidd-urile cumparate din shop [11]. 

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Consider ca cel mai potrivit este sa fie doi lideri.

Nu mi se pare normal ca cel cu vechimea cea mai mare sa ramana, ar fi incorect pentru celalalt lider de factiune, care probabil a muncit si el foarte mult sa obtina aceasta functie.

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3 minutes ago, G8Mihai said:

Merg si eu pe Opinia cu 2 lideri cum spune si Flavius până când unul din lideri pune demisia si se ajunge la un regim normal cu un singur lider.


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@Kelton In RPG1 a player paid more money for a business/house than a player in other RPG servers, In my opinion you should return the money paid to the business/house to the player. Example A player is playing RPG1 and he has CNN LS and he paid X cash and B player paid Y cash for cnn LS. X is bigger than Y, so if you give this business to B player it will be unfair for A player. and same if you give CNN LS to A player, it will be unfair for B player. 

In this case:


1-The activest Player should get CNN LS.

2-Return money to business owners.


I told my oppion. I hope you take this into account.


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Interesanta ideea cu liderii. Se pot baga 2 lideri iar la momentul potrivit unul va ceda, va fi scos din functie sau cine stie ce se mai poate intampla. Si dupa va reveni la normal, cu un singur lider. Asa cred ca nimeni nu se va supara, nu isi pierd munca, si mai ales ca au ocazia sa isi pastreze si un sub lider din cei 2 deja existenti. Abia astept fuziunea, sa stau 30 de minute sa ma conectez =)! Hai cu acele vremuri!

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