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  1. Wow.. I was very shocked to see that the RPG4 server name has been changed to "Remember Vinnie". I didn't know what it meant, I thought he retired but after reading the forum, I'm very sorry to hear about this. I did not know him very well as a friend but back from the old RPG1 days, he was a good and respectful guy with a "no-nonsense" attitude. RIP ZuZu and my heart goes out to his friends and family.
  2. Gisele

    Good job. Topic pinned for easy access
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    Your question has been answered. Please PM anyone from the moderator team if your issue still persists and you'd like to re-open the topic. Topic closed.
  4. A gentle reminder: Te rog, please speak only English in this topic because this is the English sub-forum. Most of us will not understand what you want to say. It's okay if your English is not perfect, but at least try so we can communicate better and help each other. If you need help with the quest and you wish to discuss in Romanian, please go here: https://forum.b-zone.ro/topic/350842-harta-quest-ziua-b-zone-map-quest/ Thank you.
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    Cows has already posted these links. There is no need to repeat them. Once is enough.
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  13. Gisele

    I must admit... I have seen an SFSI leader with slightly poor English (I won't say who), and it is just.. worrying and frustrating. Seeing the FMOTD message... *ohmygod*headaches* some people will know what I mean. If you're not good at either RO or ENG, really what is the point of being a leader? I have actually seen some Romanian players who speak better English than some foreigners, and that is a fact. However, I hope that IF there's a foreign gang leader, he is personally chosen (without vote) by admins due to his good communication skills, not popularity. The 'voting system' for the next leader based on popularity is another issue I have but this is a different topic altogether and let's discuss this next time. As for my personal vote, my brother you know you have my support on this. It is a very brave thing for you to bring this issue forward and I hope the votes work in your favour. We reached a breakthrough with a foreign-led peaceful faction, why stop there? Let's explore a foreign-led mafia this time. As for the mechanics and how to implement it, leave this to the admins/scripters, they know what to do (they have been updating and changing things in the servers for years, I have faith that it's really not a problem). For timezone differences, we have always stayed up late (losing sleep) to attend wars/meetings at Romanian time, we will continue to do the same. Chill. We are not asking to change the war times at all. I will always stand behind the idea of providing a platform for the foreign community to grow. Let's give our current and future foreign players the option of joining a peaceful or non-peaceful faction with an English leader and apply with confidence. If this idea does not succeed, it's okay, have patience... Maybe next time. This is a Romanian server after all, let's not get ahead of ourselves. But the fact remains that Bobo is open to this idea and is asking for public input. This proves that it has potential. P.S. I'm also touched by some Romanians' comments here and who actually voted pro, really this is one of the reasons why I love this server/community: Romanians who accept non-Romanians with open arms. You do realise that not 100% of us are from Tunisia, right?
  14. Happy belated birthday :*

    1. Gisele


      Thanks babez and Happy actual Birthday to you :*


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