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  1. Gisele

    Hey everyone, how's it going? It's been a while.. for this holy month, I just wanted to wish Happy Ramadan to those celebrating it!
  2. Wow.. I was very shocked to see that the RPG4 server name has been changed to "Remember Vinnie". I didn't know what it meant, I thought he retired but after reading the forum, I'm very sorry to hear about this. I did not know him very well as a friend but back from the old RPG1 days, he was a good and respectful guy with a "no-nonsense" attitude. RIP ZuZu and my heart goes out to his friends and family.
  3. Gisele

    Good job. Topic pinned for easy access
  4. Gisele

    Your question has been answered. Please PM anyone from the moderator team if your issue still persists and you'd like to re-open the topic. Topic closed.
  5. A gentle reminder: Te rog, please speak only English in this topic because this is the English sub-forum. Most of us will not understand what you want to say. It's okay if your English is not perfect, but at least try so we can communicate better and help each other. If you need help with the quest and you wish to discuss in Romanian, please go here: https://forum.b-zone.ro/topic/350842-harta-quest-ziua-b-zone-map-quest/ Thank you.
  6. This is a direct copy-paste post, which may be considered as spam. Please be more careful with what you post next time.
  7. Gisele

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Topic closed for inactivity after 3 days.
  8. Gisele

    @HaziM - Hey Romeo, I play on RPG4 sometimes but I'm more active on RPG3. These days I play a lot of GTA Online on PS4 though, so I rarely have time for SAMP. I also want to add that there are other unique ways to obtain VIP. For instance, Zuga_Zuga has held a non-leader high rank (rank 5-6) in LSPD for many years, and never left the faction.. he eventually earned the VIP rank. CowS ran as the Mayor a lot and created hundreds of special events for the communnity.. he also got VIP. Both of these people didn't need to hold a special function like Admin for this, but they contributed something of great value to the community. So there is no easy or shortcut method, you have to spend a lot of time and dedication to earn it. If there was an easy method, everyone would be VIP. Decide what you want to do for B-Zone and do your best in it, you'll surely get noticed.
  9. Gisele

    @@Adhurim - If you want to apply for a clan, please apply on the RPG websites (RPG1, RPG2, RPG3, RPG4), not here.
  10. Gisele

    Hey, welcome. Nice sig, I'm a fan of Zac Efron Never seen that movie though. This sentence doesn't seem to make sense? Whose question are you answering?
  11. Gisele

    There has been no reply in 3 days. Please open a new topic if you are still finding for solutions or just give me a PM to re-open this topic. Topic closed.
  12. Your post is empty. Can you please edit and add more details into your post so we can help you further?
  13. Gisele

    @ - In-game money.
  14. Gisele

    It's simple. Apply for an interview here. They can do it in English, so you don't have to be Romanian to get a live. You also have to pay a small fee. Wait for the topic to open tomorrow.

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